A Service Company

Dedicated to the fast and efficient ability to get the customer up and running on any Microsoft Windows platform. Through clean reloads, image backups, and data backups, the user is protected from disastrous results in the event of a system glitch, virus or hardware failure. One Hour Computer Backup is dedicated to the single mission of keeping the customer prepared to return to business as quickly as possible. On-Site and Remote options available.


With a current backup, we can not only get you back up on your feet in quickly, but also return your business and your life back to where you left it. With affordable and fast service, the backup of your data and programs has never been easier. Let our experience and friendly service take care of your business and personal I.T. needs.


A computer reload returns your computer back to the speed and reliability you had when you first bought it. Over time, malware, virus's and just plain internet use, will slow down your computer and hinder you from completing tasks in a timely manner, or not at all. Check out a reload, for safe and complete care of your business and your life in the digital world.


The Hardware Experts - Over 30+ Years Experience Trouble shooting hardware and software issues, will help us get your computer and computer environment running correctly and predictably so you can concentrate on what you do and not worry about the technical details of I.T. We are a full service company.